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Amsterdam-based Donsje (Dutch for fluffy) produces a wide range of adorable booties for babies and toddlers, from new born to two years old, as well as super sweet and stylish accessories for older children. On-trend and with a nostalgic twist, each product has the cute factor and comes beautifully packaged in a bag dangling a tiny bell, making Donsje the perfect gift.


Donsje was founded by Florentine van Oosten Slingeland in 2013. When she couldn’t find the perfect shoe for her baby daughter, Florentine decided to make her own. Two boys later, she designs irresistible booties and sandals for both girls and boys and has recently added accessories, including hats and bags, to the Donsje range. Donsje’s signature style reflects Florentine’s love of vintage shoes, subtle powder shades, high quality natural leather and craftsmanship. She is inspired by the beautiful illustrations in the books she reads to her children, the flowers they pick, the crafts they make and the toys they love. It’s a true family affair. Little daughter Vosse had the final say on which animals made the cut for Donsje’s bestselling Kapi animal booties and bags. Florentine’s sons have also been put to work road testing the durability of Donsje shoes and ensuring they are toddler-proof!


With two collections every year bringing their trademark ‘comfortable with the cute factor’ styles to young fashionistas and mini explorers worldwide, Donsje is growing fast. Today Donsje products are stocked in some of the world’s finest luxury department and concept stores - from Tokyo to London and Australia to Denmark. Donsje is currently being showcased in, amongst others, Smallable.com in Paris and Barneys New York.



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The clue is in the name; Donsje products are not just super cute, they are super comfortable and safe too. With the healthy development of tiny feet in mind, Donsje designs ensure that baby and toddler feet are well-protected and have the space to move freely, allowing them to develop naturally and safely in preparation for those long-awaited first steps. In the smallest sizes, the leather soles have been roughened and are non-slip and from 12 months up all of Donsje’s shoes have a flexible rubber sole. Fastenings allow the shoes to be slipped on and off easily and keep them secure, even on the wriggliest of feet. Look no further for the perfect mum-to-be or just anytime-because-they-are-so-irresistible present. Owning one pair simply won’t be enough and each pair will become a precious keepsake to treasure forever. It wouldn’t be fair if Donsje were just for the little ones, so older children can now enjoy Donsje through their feather and wheel-imprinted drawstring duffel and cross body panda and mouse bags. They will be the envy of the playground. All products are fair trade and handmade from real durable leather.


Corporate responsibility is key at Donsje. The brand has a dedicated factory in Indonesia with a work force of local artisans who create all the products by hand. Donsje adheres strictly to fair trade regulations. Workers are paid fair wages and are treated with respect. In addition, the company strives to recruit enthusiastic and fully committed employees who are trained to manufacture Donsje products with love and an eye to detail.


Donsje also believes in helping children take their first steps in education. Through the Shining Star school in Kenia, Nairobi, Kenya, Donsje is giving children living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya the chance to shine. Founded by Donsje's designer and owner Floor van Oosten Slingeland and her husband Skief Houben, the school was set up in cooperation with a Kenyan teacher, Judy Nzomo. As Floor explains, witnessing the poverty of the children living in the city’s slums while she and her husband were living in Kenya meant that: "We felt a great need to intervene during the most crucial formative years of a child's life. The children love playing, drawing, writing and reading at Shining Star. They really benefit from the early learning teaching method provided by qualified staff in a loving and nurturing environment". The lack of Early Childhood Development (ECD) education in Kenya is one of the main reasons why around 25 per cent of children do not attend primary school. Shining Star ECD Centre was established to help address this need. Having opened its doors in September 2010, the Centre offers nursery schooling and free meals to babies, toddlers and kids in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. The Centre's goal is to give these children a solid base to help them shine in life. Everyone involved with the Centre believes that every child deserves a chance of a bright future, no matter what their social or economic background. Every year Shining Star helps to give over 100 kids a better start in life.

Donsje donates a part of its profits to the Shining Star foundation.

Please check out the Shining Star movie on YouTube

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