Like all natural materials, leather has to be properly maintained. To keep your Donsje products as nice as possible, we have sorted some information and guidelines for you.
Donsje uses a lot of natural materials such as nubuck and suede leathers. 

  • - Protect your product against heat and moist
  • - Protect your product against direct sunlight as the UV rays can eventually bleach the material
  • - Don’t use scouring pads to clean your product with
  • - Don’t use chemicals to clean your product with, because they can contain crèmes and oils that can stain your product
  • - If your product gets wet by accident, use a dry and light cloth and let the product dry naturally


We recommend to treats the product with a well working spray.

Our favorite spray is the CollonilNanopro. This is a innovative high tech spray, developed by means of nanotechnology. CollonilNanopro is particularly suitable for nubuck, suede and other types of leather. This way the product will be water and dirt repellent. With this spray you can even remove persistent stains.


All Donsje products have a warranty period of 4 months. 

Product Care