Size Chart Babyshoes

0 - 2 YEARS

The first steps of your little one are very important! We would like to help you find the best size booties for your baby / toddler. Donsje booties provide tiny feet the space to move freely, supporting them to develop naturally. The larger sizes as of 12 months have flexible rubber outsoles to allow outdoor use (see pictures below). We recommend to measure the length of your child's feet (from heel to big toe) and look up the recommended size in the table below. If the length of your baby's / toddler's feet is in-between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.

Size EU Size US Size UK Size Footlength Material Outsole
0-6 M 15/16 0,5-1 0-0,5 9,8cm | 3,9 inch Roughened suede
6-12 M 17/18 2-3 1-2 11,0cm | 4,3 inch Roughened suede
12-18 M 19/20 4-5 3-4 12,2cm | 4,8 inch Flexible rubber
18-24 M 20/21 5-6 4-5 12,8cm | 5,0 inch Flexible rubber
Roughened Suede
Flexible Rubber
0-6 M
6-12 M
12-18 M
18-24 M